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  • Effective August 8, 2022, face mask are optional for all students. 
  • Individually wrapped and sealed face masks are still provided at the entrance of our studio. 
  • Disinfectant wipes/sprays, hand sanitizers, and masks available throughout the studio
  • Pluggable UVC air sanitizer and HEPA air purifier/AC filter run at all times to enhance air quality
  • Both instructors are fully vaccinated including two boosters
  • We sanitize all the areas that the students come in contact with weekly. This includes doorknobs, light switch plates, toilet seat, and flush handle, TV remote, and faucet of the sink
  • Floors are vacuumed and windows are open (to circulate air out of the studio) regularly


Select the time you’d like to schedule on our appointment page. If you do not see an appointment page available, that means all our time slots are currently full. You can check back on the website periodically for updates to the schedule as time slots will be added and updated on an ongoing basis when they become available.

The first lesson will take about an hour, consists of 40-45 minutes of focused instruction and 15-20 minutes of getting to know each other and going over our studio policy. The goal is to ensure that we are a good fit for each other before you decide to enroll in our studio. 


You will have 3 days to decide whether you would like to enroll into our studio after the first lesson; otherwise, we will release the time slot to other students. 


Professional advice will be offered on purchasing your new instrument AFTER the first lesson.

*Please keep in mind that we cannot accept students who do not have a proper instrument at home to practice into our studio.

GUITAR: correct-size nylon string guitar

PIANO: 88-key weighted digital piano (1st year beginner); acoustic piano  (after 1 year of study)

YES, you will be able to read through a full copy of our studio policy and studio calendar at your first lesson.   

You can inform us within 3 days after the first lesson. All enrollment forms must be signed, and invoice must be paid at the second lesson to complete your enrollment. 


Only 60-minute weekly lessons are available at our studio. Lessons are held in our studio located in the south of Lake Nona (Cyrils Drive/Narcoossee). Because of our limited availability, we do not offer in-home lessons. 

Depending upon the maturity and attention span of your child to stay engaged for the duration of a 60-minute lesson, AGE 7 is the youngest that we would teach. 

YES, all students must have a quality instrument to practice at home. Without one, they will be unable to progress through their lesson material, wasting your time and money. 


  • FALL & SPRING SEMESTERS: (August – May): $284 /Month | REGISTRATION: $25 per student | $40 per family

Tuition is based on monthly enrollment, not attendance. The monthly tuition is  the same regardless of attendance and how many lessons there are in any given month for the academic year. 

*NEW STUDENT: If a student begins lessons in the middle of the month after the first lesson, we will prorate for the number of lessons remaining before the beginning of the first full month. 

    While our policy for Fall/Spring Semester is strictly enforced, we offer a more flexible attendance policy and lesson packages during the summer term. Price varies depending on the number of your preferred lesson package.
  • Existing Students will require to sign up AT LEAST 6 LESSONS OR PAY A “HOLD MY TIME SLOT” FEE to keep their time slot in the studio for the following year.



We only accept electronic payment: ACH (bank transfer), credit card or debit card.

Invoices will be sent via email at the end of each month. Payment is due by the end of the month and before the 1st of the new month.

Electronic invoices contain a “Pay Now” button for fast and convenient checkout. You can also set up auto-pay for credit cards and ACH bank transfers through the student portal. Auto-pay is only initiated when we email the monthly invoice.


We only accept students who have the CORRECT SIZE NYLON-STRING (*not steel string) GUITAR.  A substandard instrument or instrument that is a not the correct size can impede student learning.

In addition, students will need to have a guitar tuner, guitar footstool, and music stand for home practice.*


BEGINNER STUDENTS may begin with a digital piano with 88 full-sized weighted keys and a sustain pedal and must be willing to purchase an acoustic piano AFTER ONE YEAR. *Lessons will be discontinued if beginner students do not have a quality acoustic piano to practice on.

INTERMEDIATE OR ADVANCED STUDENTS must have a quality acoustic piano with an adjustable piano bench to practice on at home.


Our Music Performance Assessment (MPA) Exam is held every year in the Spring Semester (on a Saturday). Students will have the opportunity to memorize and perform two pieces for a judge in a closed room. The judge gives students feedback on their performance and provides a rating.  Trophies will be awarded to students who receive a Superior or Excellent rating.  

Participation of our MPA Exam is MANDATORY as evaluation of student performance will allow our students to reach a high standard of musical achievement and better prepared for the recital.

We hold one studio recital per year. 




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